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What I’m good for:
Photography, Videography & visual stuff
Date of birth:
Bucharest, Romania, October 29th, 1978
First picture taken:
Bucharest, April 1992
First picture published:
Bucharest 1994, “Salut” Magazine
Photography genre:
Editorial, advertising and experimental photography. Portrait, fashion and other categories related to human subjects.
Photography - National University of Arts, Bucharest

Photographic strong points:
• Working in the professional photography field since 1998.
• Published in all Romanian glossy magazines, including covers, editorials, personalities portraits, special projects etc.
Making advertising campaigns for local, national and international coverage (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, India, Middle East, Turkey, Rusia, etc)
• More than 4 years experience in stock image market, working for some of the most important production companies from Germany and USA (Stock4B and Jupiter Images). More than 3000 images published on Getty Images, the worldwide leader of the stock image market.
• Published in Forbes NY, BBC UK, Reader’s Digest Holland & US, Esquire, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, InStyle, GQ, Men’s Health, FHM, Playboy, Joy.
• Personal exhibitions in Bucharest, Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Rejkyavik (Islanda) and Cork (Irlanda).
• Training stages for editorial photography in Zurich and Lausanne, within the editorial teams of Ringier Switzerland (2001).
• Training stages for stock images in Munich, Germany, within Stock4B company (2004).
• Working as D.O.P. on TV commercials and music videos (Always, Fashion Days, Best Value, Pantene, etc.)
Companies, brands and institutions I have worked with:
Editorial: Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Maxim, In Style, Marie Clarie, Men’s Health, Playboy, FHM, Elle, Joy, Reader’s Digest US, Reader’s Digest RO, Reader’s Digest Olanda, Forbes NY, BBC UK, Bravo, Unica, Viva, Beau Monde, Bolero, The One, Prevention, Tabu, Tango, Tv Mania, Tv Satelit, Look, Popcorn, Eva.
Advertising agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann PR, Ogilvy, Mercury360, Publicis, TBWA/Merlin, Tempo, Imager, GMP, GMP PR, Centrade, FCB, Ceil, Leo Burnett RO, Leo Burnett Liban, Grapefruit, Propaganda, Punct, Pantone Studios, Geometry, Godmother, Speed Promotion, Spotlight, Starlink, ID Studio, IdeeaPlus, Godmother, Grey, Next.
Corporate: Orange, Audi, BMW, AIG, Samsung, HP, Mc Donald’s, Pfizer, Bayer, L’Oreal, Credit Europe Bank, Raiffeisen, Nesscafe, Millenium Bank, Veet, Danone, P&G, Lenor, Fashion Days, Philips, Reinert, Prigat, Duffa, Omo, Toyota, BBC, Sara Merkur, Adorama, Pizza Hut, Ulker, Kluth, Dr. Oetker, Praktiker, Rexona, Sensi Blu, Avon, Pantene, Oriflame, Always, Golden Brau, Jacobs, Head & Shoulders, ING Asigiurari, NN, Veet, Parle, Ursus, Timisoreana, Coca Cola, Paramount Comedy, Lee Cooper, Milka, Skoda, BMW, Audi, Antena 1, Antena 2, Antena 3, Kiss Fm, Prima TV, Realitatea Tv, Kanal D, Radio Guerrilla, Star FM, City Pharma, Ma Damme, Boom, Elmiplant, Medrom, Banc Post, Zapp, Mr. Bricolaje, Vel Pitar, Omnilogic, Tuca & Zbarcea, Getty Images, Sony Music, Globus Images, Stock4B, Roton,
Governmental: Romanian Foreign Ministry, Romanian Cultural Institute (Bucharest, Paris & London), The Presidency of Romania, The Romanian Royal Family Administration.

Photography / video exhibitions:
• “Expo Photo 2000 Plus” (photo group exhibition) – Bucharest, Romania – March 1998;
• “People I Know” (photo exhibition) – MNAC - Bucharest, Romania – April 2005;
• “Audi Academy Awards” (photo group exhibition, contest) – Bucharest, Romania – April 2006; first prize & best idea prize
• “Absolut” (photo group exhibition) – Bucharest, Romania – May 2007;
• “Ma Roumanie” – (photo exhibition) Nantes, France – November 2007;
• “People I Know” – (photo exhibition) Paris, France – April 2008;
• “Playing with Shadows” – (photo exhibition) Bucharest, Romania – October 2008;
• “Random” – (photo exhibition) Bucharest, Romania – March 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Bucharest, Romania – March- April 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Iasi, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Timisoara, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Cluj, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Suceava, Romania – June 2009;
• “Contact Lenses” (photo exhibition) – Bucharest, Romania – November 2009;
• “Fashion” (photo exhibition) – Bucharest, Romania – April 2010;
• “People I Know” (photo exhibition) – Toulouse, France – May 2010;
• “Romania – 50 de ani de istorie la feminin” (photo exhibition, curator)- Constanta, Romania – August 2010
• “Romania – 50 de ani de istorie la feminin” (photo exhibition, curator) – Iasi, Romania – October 2010
• “Romania – 50 de ani de istorie la feminin” (photo exhibition, curator) – Cluj, Romania – October 2010
• “Romania – 50 de ani de istorie la feminin” (photo exhibition, curator) – Timisoara, Romania – October 2010
• “Project 112” – (photo group exhibition - Matasari Street Festival – Bucharest, Romania – June 2011;
• “Subjective Portrets” – (photo exhibition) – Reykjavik, Iceland – September 2011
• “Povestea Continua” – (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Bucharest, Romania – October 2011;
• “Portrete Subiective” – (photo exhibition) – Cork, Ireland – November 2011;
• “Portrete Subiective” – (photo exhibition) – Bucharest, Romania – November 2011;
• “Slideluck Potshow” - (group exhibition) - Bucharest, Romania - June 2011
• “Ne placă ce faci“ - (group exhibition - instalation) - December 2012
• Noaptea alba a fotografiei (group exhibition - festival) - Dizainar, Jackie O, Eclectico - Bucharest, Romania, June 2013
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition) – Studio Cinema - Zilele FIlmului German - Bucharest, Romania, november 2014
• What About Y[our] Memory? - (group exhibition) - MNAC - Bucharest, Romania, November 2014
• Images of Nostalgia - (photo, video, installation exhibition) Ebienale #3 - Bucharest, Romania - September 2015

Main personal photographic projects:
People I Know – one collection of portraits that presents remarkable people with whom I had the chance to work with during my career. Some of them are well-known in Romania and some even world-wide. The project is ongoing, and each and every time I will encounter interesting persons, the collection will be only then completed. People I Know was presented to the public in Bucharest (2005) and Paris (2008).
Project 112 – it is both a photography project and a social campaign that puts face to face art and domestic violence. The project’s name it is itself an urgent call and sign to stop family violence. The exhibition has 24 portraits with some of the most well-known male personalities in Romania who are posing as victims. For this project are chosen only men, as, it is known from statistics, that men are usually the aggressors. It is a role change, transforming aggressors in victims, and emphasises the domestic violence consequences on their own skin. There are only personalities in order to reach a larger public. Project 112 was presented to the public in Bucharest (2009 and 2011) Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj and Suceava.
Anastasia – it is one of my first projects. Anastasia comes at the photo-studio each and every October to make one simple portrait on grey background, and the only things that change are just the transformations visible with the time passing. The purpose of this project is to document the time passing and its impact on the body and spirit. In 2003, when this project began, Anatasia was only a child and now she has turned into a woman.
Five Minutes Portraits - Inspired by some Andy Warhol’s works, I invited Romanian public figures whom I had met in my photographic activity, to stand for 5 minutes in front of a video camera, eye-contacting the lens. I prefer to consider these videos more as photographs then films, another kind of "long exposure", or 5 minutes photographic portrait introspections using video tools. The project contains more than 100 video portraits, but is an ongoing work. It was presented to the public in various installations in May 2015 (World Press Photo Bucharest 2015) and in July 2015 (Short’s Up Festival).
Street Archive - “Street Archive” is a visual experiment demonstrating the memory’s power of a photograph. The captured real life events are printed and exhibited in the proximity of where they had happened. The print is becoming a witness, a singular proof of the existence of that passed event. As a secondary happening, all the prints had been produced in the respect of exhibition standards (signed limited editions, Dibond mounted Digital C-Type Prints), and the public was invited via social media to collect them for free, from the locations.
The Golden Days Album - a “family album” in which the photographed subjects are showing the number of days they lived in Romanian communism (counted from their birth dates to the 22nd of December 1989, the official date of the fall of Romanian communist regime). The album is containing 256 portraits, arranged in a descending order.
• Five O'Clock Diary - my photographic diary of the year 2013. I made a picture every day of that year at (almost) exactly the same hour, 5 pm. The project is about randomness of taking pictures, putting the photographer in a less important position as an author of a image. The main reason of using the camera was the sound of a clock alarm scheduled to ring every day, and not an event meant to be photographed. 365 images, dimension variable

Other projects, social campaigns, manager and curator:
• The Photography is one of the main online projects that I have made. It is functioning like an archive of old pictures, an online “museum” destined to play the substitute role for an official one. The project had a very notable success, that had a large impact regarding the audience and also among the social media. In a short period, the Facebook page of this online museum has reached 65000 members and the website has generated a traffic that has frequent peaks of 1000 visitors/day.
Romania – 50 de ani de istorie la feminin. For the first time at Bayer Romania request, I found myself in the situation of organising photography exhibitions from a curator perspective. The subject was related to the attempt to document the woman’s evolution of Romania in the last 50 years. I have used images from archive from different sources, taking the role of curator and also the one of the project manager. The event was publicly been presented in Constanta, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara.
“The story continues”. At the initiative of Danone Romania, through the program “Smile for the future”, I have made the necessary photography material and I have organised from project and curator point of view, an exhibition with the role of a social campaign, meant to support the children in hospitals. The material was then presented in Bucharest and Iasi and then exhibited in October 2011 in Bucharest.

Social Campaigns – short list:
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Bucharest, Romania – March-April 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Iasi, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Timisoara, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Cluj, Romania – May 2009;
• “Project 112″ (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Suceava, Romania – June 2009;
• “Hope Pop-Up Store” – (social campaign) – Bucharest, Romania – May 2011;
• “Povestea Continua” – (photo exhibition, social campaign) – Bucharest, Romania – October 2011;
Video Projects:
• Ion Grigorescu by Alex Galmeanu – February 2011 – 1:11:50, HD – interview with Ion Grigorescu (Directing-D.O.P, edit)
• Impreuna cu Henri Cartier – Bresson – February 2012 – 0:07:00, HD – interview with the photographer Andrei Pandele who accompanied the great • • French photographer Henry Cartier – Henry Cartier – Bresson in Bucharest. (Directing-D.O.P, edit)
• Artisan - 5 episodes documentary series about artisans in Bucharest - Bucharest 2013-2014 (D.O.P.)
• On Photography - 2014 - 0:01:00, HD - experimental video starring Ana Ularu (Directing-D.O.P, edit)
• Vunk "La nebunie" - music video - 2014 (D.O.P)
• R.A.C.L.A. “Ține-te de ea” - music video - 2014 (D.O.P)
• R.A.C.L.A. “Saga” - music video - 2015 (D.O.P)
• Live in The Cell - series of “live” recorded music concerts - Bucharest 2013-2014 (D.O.P)
• Awaken Thee, Romanian! - video experiment - 0:00:50, HD - Bucharest 2013 (D.O.P)
• Destroying / Creating Memories - video experiment, documentary - 0:10:00, HD, Bucharest 2013 (Directing-D.O.P, edit)
• Cautatorii de povesti - video documentary, PR - Bucharest 2012 (D.O.P)
• Instruction Manual - video experiment - 0:02:00 HD - starring Ana Ularu - Bucharest 2012 (Directing-D.O.P, edit)
• Fashion Days TV Commercial - Bucharest 2016 (D.O.P)
Movie Projection:
• “Cel mai fericit dintre pamanteni” (movie projection) – Cinemaiubit Film Festival – Bucharest, Romania – December 2010;
• “Cel mai fericit dintre pamanteni” (movie projection) – Body under surveillance group exhibition – Bucharest, Romania – March 2011;
• “Cover Story” (movie projection) – ShortsUp Festival – Bucharest, Romania – March 2011;
• “Cover Story” (movie projection) – Body World II – Bucharest, Romania – April 2012;
• The 5 Minutes Portrait (video experiment) - Short’s UP - Bucharest, Romania - July 2015
• The 5 Minutes Portrait (video experiment) - World Press Photo, Bucharest, Romania - May 2015
• On Photography - (movie projection) - BIEFF - Bucharest, Romania, December 2014
• Awaken Thee, Romanian! - (movie projection) - BIEFF - Bucharest, Romania, December 2013
Seminars and conferences:
• “Go Mentorship” – (speaker, conference) – Bucharest, Romania – December 2010
• “Arta de a spune povesti” – (speaker, conference) – Bucharest, Romania – March 2011
• “The Power of Storytelling” – (speaker, seminar) – Bucharest, Romania – February 2012
“Creative Coffee No.12” – (speaker, conference) – Iasi, Romania – February 2012
“The Power of Storytelling” – (speaker, seminar) – Cluj, Romania – October 2015
“Obiectiv" - (speaker, workshop) - Bucharest, Romania - may 2013
• "TEDx" - (speaker) - Iasi, Romania - may 2016

Online Campaigns - Endorsement:
• Sony - F64 - DSC RX1R M2 Launch - 2015
• Heineken - Spyfie - 2015
• Heineken - Open Your City - 2015
• Unilever - Sustainability - 2015
• BRD - - 2015
• Canon - Come and See - 2014
• Avon - Marie Claire - 2014
• Eucerin - Bloggers Portraits - 2014
• Sony - F64 - DSC RX1 Launch - 2012
• Nivea - Nivea for Men - 2012
• Puma - Love Thy Planet - 2012
• Canon - 25 years of EOS - 2012
• Danone - Little People - 2011
• Grolsch - Bucharest by Hand - 2011
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