Presented here are several examples of fashion photography that I have produced for a diverse range of fashion magazines and industry clients. These images were specifically requested and subsequently published by esteemed fashion publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, GQ, Men's Health, among others
People I Know
This section features a collection of portraits of inspiring personalities I've had the privilege to meet and photograph throughout my career. These individuals are celebrities from various fields including entertainment, politics, and business. The collection began in 2002 and continues to grow. Selected pieces have been exhibited in Bucharest, Paris, and Toulouse.
This series comprises a collection of advertising and commercial images that I have created for numerous advertising clients. The aforementioned visuals were commissioned by notable brands such as Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Avon, Always, Raiffeisen Bank, BBC, Paramount, BMW, Audi, BCR, Ursus, Danone, Skoda, Fashion Days, Tnuva, Lee Cooper, Banc Post, Oriflame, Golden Brau, Head & Shoulders, Lenor, Philips, Jacobs, NN, Milka, Pantene, among others.
Digital & Online Commercial
Presented here is a collection of digital advertising images I have produced for various esteemed clients. These images were commissioned by prominent brands such as Fashion Days, Huawei, Splat, and others, with a focus on the e-commerce and fashion e-commerce industries
Social media commercial projects
Here is a collection of social media endorsement projects I have completed for various commercial clients.
Special Projects
This is a collection of special projects that I have undertaken for diverse editorial, social, and commercial entities.
Presented here are a collection of cover images I have produced for a range of esteemed glossy magazines, including but not limited to Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Esquire, among others.
Movie Posters
Here is a selection of movie posters that I have photographed for various cinematographic productions, including some produced by Netflix, Sky, and Canal+.
Eclectic series of animated photographs
Some highlights of my activity as a Director of Photography (DOP).
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